Brown Twisted Handle Paper Bags (no base card)


* Goods self pick up or delivery HK$40 up

* Capable of shopping, taking out
* Suitable for business such as restaurant, grocery stores and retailers.

* Without base card

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  • Before you fill in the order form, please take a look on the CTN QTY and bear in mind the number of carton(s) you want.
  • If you wish to order more than one series, please jot down the product code (e.g. 02-15-3-101) which can be found in the product catalog
  • Feel free to call our Customer Service Department (852) 2795 9757 or send an email to for more details.

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Additional Information



02-15-3-102B, 02-15-3-112, 02-15-3-115


Vertical, Horizontal

Dimension (W x L x G)

200 x 265 x 95mm, 215 x 285 x 115mm, 290 x 230 x 180mm


90g Paper

Base Card

Without Base Card

Ctn Qty

200pcs, 170pcs, 130pcs

Price (HK$)


Product Variations

No.ThumbnailStyleCodeShapeDimension (W x L x G)PaperBase CardCtn QtyPrice (HK$)StockPrice
1Brown02-15-3-102BVertical200 X 265 X 95mm90g PaperWithout Base Card200pcs$270/ctnIn Stock$270.00 Add to cart
2Brown02-15-3-112Vertical215 X 285 X 115mm90g PaperWithout Base Card170pcs$270/ctnIn Stock$270.00 Add to cart
3Brown02-15-3-115Horizontal290 X 230 X 180mm90g PaperWithout Base Card130pcs$270/ctnIn Stock$270.00 Add to cart
No.ThumbnailStyleCodeShapeDimension (W x L x G)PaperBase CardCtn QtyPrice (HK$)StockPrice