Since the Hong Kong Government has launched the 2nd stage of plastic shopping bag charging scheme on April 1, 2015, which cover all restaurants and retailers, this affect as many as 100,000 shops.

Artpack Paper Bag Ltd. , as a paper bag expert, we developed a variety of 100% recyclable paper bags for you. As we only do paper bags business with our own plant for more than 20 years, we deal direct with end users with no brokers in between, ensuring excellent service and professional advice for the OEM of the following items.

Type of Paper Bags

1. SOS Bags


  • They are suitable for putting baked food, snacks or other take-out food
  • Recommend to use 50-90g white or brown kraft paper
  • They can reduce cost and are convenient to store.
  • In full compliance with the Hong Kong plastic bags levy regulations exemption

2. Patent Die Cut Patched Handle Paper Bags


  • They can lift up to 2-3kg stuff
  • They are suitable for putting sandwiches, chocolate, sushi or other take-out food
  • The special handles is good to promote or enhance your brand name
  • Recommend to use 80-120g white or brown kraft paper
  • In full compliance with the Hong Kong plastic bags levy regulations exemption

3. Twisted Handle Paper Shopping Bags


  • They are well-known with the quality assurance!
  • They can bear object up to 10kg
  • With 3 kinds of handles, which are suitable for all kinds of retailers
  • Recommend to use 70-190g white or brown kraft
  • In full compliance with the Hong Kong plastic bags levy regulations exemption

4. European Cotton Handles Shopping Bags


  • 100% cotton handles
  • They are suitable for all kinds of retailers and restaurant
  • Recommend to use 135-190g white or brown kraft
  • In full compliance with the Hong Kong plastic bags levy regulations exemption

(Except PP Strings, or strings with plastic head)

5. Low Price European Laminated Bag


  • They are suitable for cosmetics, jewelry, fashion and gift retailers
  • Recommend to have 4 color printing,Matt or Glossy Lamination,pp strings
  • Relatively cheap among different kinds of European bags
  • Recommend to use 140-190g art paper
  • NOT fully comply with the Hong Kong plastic bags levy regulations  exemption

6. Luxury Paper Bag


  • Beautiful and durable, suitable for customers with the purpose of advertising
  • Suitable for high-end cosmetics, jewelry, fashion and other foreign retailers
  • There will be unexpected results with special processing, such as foil stamping, embossing, pp lamination, varnishing
  • Recommend to use 170-250g white kraft paper、230-250g CS1(Gloss coated paper) 、210-250 CS2(Gloss coated paper) or other special paper


Paper Bags have become the substitutes of plastic bags. The demand of paper bags have increased rapidly. However, many producers only offer paper bags which require levy or paper bags which have a fair quality. This may deeply affect your brand image. We, Artpack Paper Bags, mean the business and we suggest you to take notes to the below issue before you design your own paper bags.

Q: What are the purposes for you to order paper bags?

Advertisement? Put the products? Gift wrapping?

A: A good Paper Bag can bring positive effect to your company. If your paper bags are used for advertisement, we recommend you to use thicker paper or include extra converting on the bags. These can increase the quality of the bags and make the bags more durable. If your bags are used for wrapping and putting the products, normal printing can fulfilled your aim with a lower cost.

Q: Budget?

A: The price of the paper bag is determined by the number of your order and your special requests such as printing. Please do not underestimate the expenditure on storing the paper bags. In the first order, you should consider whether you are a long-term users. To avoid an excessive expenditure on storage, you are recommend to think twice on the quantity before you order

Q: What materials should I choose?

A: The paper used in paper bags are mostly NBKP white / brown kraft paper, matt art paper, and so on. These papers can adopt strong tension and have strong water resistance. The effect of color printing is also better. Other paper should be used with caution.

Q: How to ask for a quotation?

A: Please choose the types of paper bag you need and list out your special request. It is good to offer us 2-3 amounts of paper bag that you need (you are not recommend to offer the amount that exceed one year's usage due to the high storage cost). Also, please tell us the numbers of delivery, the type of delivery warehouse (as the fee of some warehouse may very high) or you can clearly tell the supply merchandise if you choose to have self-pick up.

Q: How to identify a GOOD paper bag?

A: The composition of a paper bag include paper, ink, glue, handles and workmanship. The identical bags could have prices which have double (or even more) differences. Some suppliers do shoddy work and use inferior material in the INVISIBLE parts of the paper bags to save cost. We may sometimes experience the embarrassing scene of losing the handles or the bottom break suddenly. The poor quality GLUE can account for this. As a poor paper bag will seriously affect the company’s brand image, the choice of suppliers is very important!

-Our sales executive can offer you more detailed opinions. Feel free to contract us if you have other questions-


-Customers should provide the following information for us to give you a quotation-

  • Film or AI file with the layout. ( Artwork preparation negotiable)
  • Paper (type / substance)
  • Size of the bag ( _ width (W) x _ height (H) x _ gusset(G))
  • No of color to be overprint (4 color, CMYK / Pantone)
  • Any extra converting needed ( foil stamping/ embossing/ varnishing/…)
  • Type of handle
  • Total quantity
  • Contact details

-Information for customers-



1. Decolor and color accuracy criteria will follow our factory’s standard unless additional guidelines from customer.

2. Production lead-time 3-4  weeks

3. One time delivery for free, split delivery add HK0 each

4. 30% deposit, balance 70% by TT or send cross cheque




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